Tablets vs. Laptops: The Verdict


Tablets are a fairly new character in the tech world but they are going strong and become more popular day after day. Last week we conducted a poll for you to choose between laptops and tablets. The resuts are in:   It seems our users are still more “traditional” and[...]

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Integrating Social Media With Your B2B Trade Shows


Despite the proliferation of online marketing in recent years, offline continues to be the main focus of SMBs looking to generate leads to their business. A survey conducted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) in 2011 revealed that the average share of marketing budget allocated to trade shows by companies[...]

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You Voted: Playstation 4 VS Xbox 1


The next generation of game systems is finally upon us, that’s why we run last week a poll asking you which one of the 2 systems would you buy.   The results are  here:   The winner is clear: the Sony Playstation 4 with a shy 89% of the votes.[...]

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iPad Air VS Nexus 10


Both tablets are here and they are fighting for the throne. Which full-sized tablet will reign supreme?   According to our poll, you voted: So according to you, Nexus 10 is the winner. Let’s go in more depth though and compare the two tablets. Build and design The big deal[...]

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7 Online Marketing Tips for a Tight Budget


The World Wide Web is a tool with endless limits. Creating and maintaining a business presence online is more practical than ever before. In fact, online companies are popping up out of the woodworks. However, I can vouch that sustaining a successful online business is easier said than done. With[...]

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The 3 Types of Online Shoppers


Online Shopping is gaining more and more ground each day and the number of online shoppers grows exponentially as we speak! Do you remember when you used to go window shopping to the mall? – that is a common phrase that soon will be used less and less. “Physical” shopping[...]

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Sports Marketing: Clothing & Nutrition


Sports is a booming business and sports marketing is an important part of its success. And it is not just the sport events themselves that are large drivers of revenue, new studies are showing that consumers are continuing to spend large amounts of discretionary income on sports and fitness.

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Precision Retailing: The Key To Amazing Customer Experience


Today’s retail landscape is very competitive and consumers want to feel honoured more than ever. Unpredictable shoppers expect from you to know what they have bought, what they prefer and maybe, what they could buy next. It shouldn’t be strange that clients take their business to competitors that knows them better than you. On the other side, retailers want clients that are good and loyal advocates of their brand. If retailers want this kind of connection with consumers, than they need to be at the top of client’s mind when they are thinking about shopping. Additionally, retailers need to be close to their customers and the best way is by using smartphones.

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The Evolution of Sports Marketing – Red Bull


Sports marketing viagra vs cialis which is better has evolved over the last few decades. It used to consist simply of a television commercial, a signboard at a televised event, or maybe a player endorsement with a chosen player wearing a company logo on a shirt. Today, sports marketing[...]

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Mobile Marketing: The post-PC Era

mobile marketing

Numbers don’t lie, they are the bearers of true evolution and change. At the moment over 80% of the world population has a mobile phone; there are 5 billion mobile phones out of which more than 1 Billion are smartphones. By the end of 2013 this number will have reached[...]

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